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A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 115

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 115
September 30, 2007

Main Topic: Relevance of Geography

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    Festival of Maps in Chicago

    There is a great website associated with the Festival of Maps that is taking place through February 2008. The site offers a chance to view sites via a map, search for specific content/events and browse by different map types. If you are going to Chicago in the near future definitely check out this great resource to plan your tour of sites participating in the Festival of Maps. Keep an eye out for a video episode in late November after we get back from the SSHA conference in Chicago.

    Festival of Maps Chicago

    Guerrilla Geography

    Over in the UK a new movement has popped up…Guerrilla Geography. So far there has only been one activity so far where they have taken Geography education to the streets in Birmingham. The next event is planned for London in mid-October and future events already planned including a food fight event that I am waiting to hear details about. We hope to talk to Daniel Raven-Ellison about Guerilla Geography and Give Geography its Place. Hopefully we can extend Guerrilla Geography to the US around AAG or Where 2.0.

    Guerrilla Geography

    BBC NEWS | Virtual lessons stimulate students

    The BBC reported on a new teaching system in Singapore that utilizes ‘mixed reality’ technologies, a combination of real world information supported through visualization using head mounted displays. They use the HMDs to interact with planets, plants, and other objects. While I think this is a great idea, I am a little confused when it comes to k-12 education as it seems to have a significant tech trend that reaches from neat toys in the classroom to entire curriculum being taught online. Either way, kudos to the folks who are rolling out this technology. I hope to see better implementations of augmented reality find their way into consumer hands in the not too distant future.

    BBC NEWS | Technology | Virtual lessons stimulate students

    To Catch a Thief…..Use GPS!

    A merchant in Indianapolis got tired of having his woodworking store burglarized (and as a budding wood worker, I can tell you some of that stuff costs one HECK of a lot of money!). In fact, he’d become a victim 5 times in ONE summer! What was his solution? Plant GPS devices in some of his merchandise. Well it turns out it was a good idea because his sixth robbery has lead the police to a suspect. They’ve pinpointed the merchandise to two locations and have linked the suspect to both. As of yet he’s still at large, but at least the property is recoverable.

    Ten Most Polluted Places

    National Geographic has a photo essay/article about the top ten most polluted places on Earth. It’s unfortunate how many of them are located in the former Soviet Union areas. I found the photo of the cemetery of radioactive vehicles near Chernobyl to be the most disturbing. With luck, Chernobyl will be a one time event. The number of vehicles contaminated by the event is astounding.

    Leica updates Titan

    ltLeica is rolling out the updates to Titan fairly regularly including today’s release which includes Terrain support, a custom drawing toolbar that includes KML export, and a navigational compass. I have to say that I was surprised that terrain support was on the bottom of the list in the announcement email as this is a fairly significant bit for the geoviz part of Titan and is definitely a type of data that people are interested in sharing (or at least using what is shared). Either way, the new update means I need to log on to my Windows box that is sitting neglected in the corner to look at the new goodies.

    ASPRS 2008 Call for Papers

    Just a quick reminder that the Call for Papers for the 2008 ASPRS conference in Portland are due by October 1, next Monday. The conference itself will take place April 28-May 2, 2008.

    American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 2008 Annual Conference

    Lilly, the Wonder Geographer!

    This is a incredible display by a 2 year old of geographic knowledge! The video runs rather long at 8 minutes or so, but it’s impressive to watch. This girl gets an impressive number of countries correct, some of which, sadly, I’m not sure I could find without a little work!

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