Month: March 2007


Earth Hour in Sydney

Earth HourSydney went dark this evening as a large portion of the city participated in Earth Hour, an attempt to increase global awareness about climate change. My only question is what is the local impact of all the candles used in the restaurants that participated in the event 🙂 This is an interesting idea that I hope will spread beyond New South Wales.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Sydney in climate change blackout

VSTV – TouchTable in action

We took a couple of minutes of footage of the TouchTable in action.

Click here to download the TouchTable video

Which bluetooth GPS to buy (poll)

VerySpatial is in search of a simple and small bluetooth GPS to use as we wander through the conferences coming up this summer. The poll is back on the left hand column of the site. I haven’t had any luck finding a good comparison of the current round of units in terms of ease of use, battery consumption, stability, and connectivity, so we are hoping some of you have these units and might be willing to speak on their behalf. Feel free to email details or other units that I didn’t include that you think are worth considering.

Holux Pharos TeleType

AVSP Roadshow – ESRI Dev Summit – ArcGIS Online

We spoke with Bern Szukalski about upcoming additions to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Explorer.

Click here to download the EDS ArcGIS Online podcast

Meosphere – where it’s all about you

That’s right, it IS all about me in the Meosphere. While surfing the web this morning instead of finishing my work, I came across Meosphere, a site that rolled out in February, but that I hadn’t heard of. The front page is a little confusing at first, but if you check out the “How It Works” section, you’ll get a better idea. Basically, you sign up and then you go through the lists and maps on the front page to chronicle the places you’ve been, things you’ve done or are interested in. So, let’s say you visited Chicago….you could check off top restaurants you ate at or, if you like music, you can check off the bands you’ve seen. Then you can see a graphical representation of your life experiences. Which can be either really impressive, or a little bit depressing when you realize all the stuff you haven’t done……..

Meosphere is hoping that users will also help expand the lists and maps and suggest new ones, so it will be a social networking site, yet still be about you. Check it out and see what your meosphere ends up looking like.

VSTV Episode 12 – ESRI Dev Summit Overview

In this episode we bring you the overview spots that we recorded at the ESRI Dev Summit and downtown Palm Springs at night.

Click here to download VSTV Episode 12

Daily podcasts coming to an end

I am almost out of materials to post from the Dev Summit, so the conference feed and Special Episodes will be quieting down early next week. But do not fear, we are mere weeks from the AAG which I am sure will provide us with a wealth of audio and video content come mid-April. On that note if you live in the Bay Area or will be in town for one of the conferences that will be going on the week of April 16, send us an email and we may even interview you (we really want to get 2 minute blurb of papers if folks are willing).

GSAG Podcast 05

This week we talk to the organizer of the “Forging Solidarity: Contemporary Issues in Organizing Graduate Employees” session, Robin Roff.

Click here to download GSAG Podcast 5

Paleobotany and Terracotta army

The BBC reports on an article from the Journal of Archaeological Science about research on the clay that was used to make China’s Terracotta army. They have recovered pollen from the clay and hope to find its source. An interesting part is that different statues may have come from different source materials, or maybe different times of years, based on different pollen content.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Pollen clue to clay army origins

A VerySpatial Podcast – Special Episode 17

An interview with Elvin Slavik of Maptel, makers of ArcPad, about ArcPad’s history and future.

Download the MP3 Version
Download the AAC Version

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