Month: July 2006


Fame or infamy

Glen recently suggested that there are no famous GIS bloggers. Well, my parents think I am quite famous…or is that infamous…

OK, fine! but I have met someone famous (though they aren’t a blogger).

ESRI or anyone else hiring bloggers.. come on man!

Real time traffic tracking

This isn’t your father’s real time traffic tracking. This is personal. Technology has been out for awhile now that can read a license plate in traffic from a distance. So what’s the news? Apparently G2 Tactics in Virginia invisions a day when its cheap enough for anyone to buy. We could all track each other’s driving patterns. Groups could buy or lease the equipment and re-sell data to information brokers, who in turn can sell that information to nearly anyone with a check. I find the technology itself fascinating, but the privacy implications(or lack there of) frightening.

Build a better NASA?

Seed magazine has an interesting editorial about building a better NASA. The crux of the article is that NASA has gotten off of its prime mission and needs to refocus its resources. The exteremly relevant quote to GIS users is this little part: “The truth is that post-Apollo NASA is overextended to the point that everything that takes place above the exosphere must ride the agency’s back. Climate data, atmospheric research—when did geoscience become part of NASA’s job? Last time I checked, it wasn’t called NASGA.”

The editorial raises some intersting points…. which, conveniently enough, can be discussed in length on our brand new Very Spatial Weekly Discussion topic! Yes, the shameless plugs will continue for awhile 🙂

Forum topic: NASA’s focus

I was going to let people find our new forum topic on their own until Adena posted about the change to NASA’s mission statement (via the NY Times). Our forum topic (and associated poll) asks what you think about NASA leaving satellites in the closet while they look to the stars. Head over and let us know what you think.

A VerySpatial Podcast is 1 Year Old

Yeah, we made it through our first year! And what a year it’s been. I don’t think we had any idea how the podcast would take off and grow when we recorded that first episode last July. We’ve just been so excited and amazed at the number of people who listen and visit the website, and it just keeps growing! Over the last year, we’ve gotten to talk to some amazing people in the geospatial community, and we finished up the first year strong, with Peter Batty of Intergraph featured on the one-year show. We’d also like to thank ESRI, for sponsoring us since the end of February, which gave us the means to attend some really great events, like the Developer Summit and Where 2.0.

We’re looking forward to this year, and right off the bat we’ll be heading out to San Diego to attend the ESRI User Conference, and we’re already setting up some great interviews, so we’re pretty excited about that. I hope you will all continue to listen and check out the website, especially our new forums, and keep the emails and feedback coming because we love to hear from you!

Thanks to all of you for a really great first year of A VerySpatial Podcast!

Contest 4 Winners

ipodWe have the winners for our anniversary contest. We would like to congratulate all of our winners and wish everyone else luck on our next contest.

Keith Miller – Grand Prize winner … iPod Nano
Andy Barry … Messenger Bag
John McLaughlin… Polo Shirt
John Banning … Polo Shirt
Brad Neuhauser … Shirt

A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 53

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 53
July 23, 2006

Main Topic: Discussion with Peter Batty, VP and CTO of Intergraph.

Click to directly download Episode 53

Click for the detailed shownotes

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Conference episode feed

With the deluge of audio that I expect to come out of the ESRI User Conference I wanted to go ahead and get the new conference feed running. To subscribe to the feed use I will attempt to post the feed in iTunes in the next few days if you would prefer to subscribe that way.

AVSP Roadshow – Where 2.0 Talent

Post-conference interview with Manolis Koutlis of Talent Information Systems S.A.

Click here to download the interview

O’Reilly’s 8th Annual OSCON – Open Source Convention

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it yet, but O’Reilly’s OSCON 2006 will be going on in Portland, OR starting Monday, July 24th and running through Friday, July 28th. Sessions are running from Wednesday to Friday, and OSGEO has a Birds-of-a-Feather session on Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning, both Gary Lang from Autodesk and the OSGEO guys will also be giving presentations. There are lots of other sessions that look pretty interesting, but it’s tough timing with GeoWeb 2006 going on at the same time up in Vancouver, BC.

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