Month: February 2006


Powell to speak at Intergraph 2006

Another day, another email announcement.  Intergraph has announced that former Secretary of State and retired Gen. Colin Powell will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Intergraph 2006, their new combined industry conference.  I must say I find it a bit of a stretch (and bit expensive), but it will probably be an  interesting keynote.
Intergraph 2006 – International Users Conference


As a prelude to our upcoming podcast episode on cybergeography, check out VisitorVille, a web analytics software application that “does not represent website visitors simply as numbers or graphs, but as real people in a real environment. You can monitor your site traffic as if you were people-watching in a big city.” Each building in the ‘city’ represents a page on a website and inside, avatars represent the visitors. It looks pretty cool, and represents a good example of how the data passing over the Internet is being represented using a spatial metaphor – ‘people’ moving through a landscape.

Via Trends

Desktop Earth

At the risk of getting known for fluff pieces, I thought this was pretty cool.  Desktop Earth allows you to generate a desktop wallpaper image up to 1920×1200 in lossless PNG format of NASA’s Blue Marble Next and Earth’s City Lights data.  There’s an online version to generate a single PNG and a desktop version (Windows only) which constantly creates images and changes your desktop to reflect the current time!

SkillsUSA Announces New College Geospatial Competition

In case any of you aren’t on the ESRI Education email Newsleter, this is an item that of you may be interested in following. From the newsletter:

“SkillsUSA has partnered with the GIS industry to develop a competition program that will provide universities, colleges, and their students with a way to validate their geospatial programs and measure them against national standards…. By successfully passing an online qualifying exam (available in March and April) to test knowledge in GIS and remote sensing, students will be eligible to compete nationally and have a chance to earn national recognition and cash awards.”

Winners will receive cash and software prizes. I didn’t see anything specific about level of education, but as we find out more we will definitely share 🙂

Where 2.0 Registration Now Open

Details on some of the speakers for O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 Conference, which will be held June 13-14 in San Jose, California, are now up on the conference website. Some of the presenters already confirmed are Mike Leibhold from the Institute for the Future, Di-Ann Eisnor from Platial, and Steve Lombardi from Microsoft. More speakers will be announced as the schedule firms up. Registration is now open and, even though it’s pretty steep, there are discounts for students and some others.

Geographic Center of Google Maps is….

Kristine Crispel’s horse farm outside Coffeyville, Kansas!

Ok, it’s a fluff piece, but it’s a cute fluff piece.

Via Wired.

Podcasting in the Peruvian highlands

BBCNews reported recently that podcasting is now being used to distribute important agricultural information to Peruvian farmers. The sponsors of the project, a UK charity called Practical Action, have found that the podcasts are very popular, and that people preferred listening to the information in their local dialects as opposed to simply receiving written reports. It just goes to show that digital media can reach anywhere!

GPS and Driving Doesn’t Mix

From Engadget. Apparently if you’re in your car and you’re interested in safety, ’tis better to go old school paper maps than these newfangled GPS units! What happens when we mix cellphones into the mix?

USGIF announces 2006 scholarship competition

The US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation is now accepting entries for its 2006 scholarship competition, which will award 14 scholarships totaling $55,000. Current undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, as well as graduating high school seniors who are planning to pursue GIS-related studies at the college level. The submission deadline is June 15, 2006. For more information, see the USGIF’s website

Via GeoPlace

The Travel Show podcast

Alan Lew over at the Geography for Travelers podcast recently pointed to the new Travel Show podcast.  This 5 episode old podcast “takes you on a virtual tour of the world, exposing you to places you’ve never been and taking you back to the places you remember fondly.”   As always I am curious to see how this podcast grows.

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