Month: February 2006


MS Street-Side Preview Live

Microsoft has just released thier Street-Side product in preview mode. It’s a pretty nifty implementation of AJAX technology and mapping. You can type in an address and get a split screen view of the map of the area, and the view you’d see if you were in a race car, sports car, or walking (I like the sports car best :). You can then use the arrow keys to “drive” around the city with the view updating as you go! Right now the system only features Seattle and San Francisco. Having driven around San Fran at time or two, I can say it’s fun to come up on a some serious gridlock and just plow right through it!

Six 24-inch displays as one…ooooooooooo

Engadget has a link to a new multimonitor setup that is just plain pretty.  The question is whether or not you can find a graphics card that can drive your needs.
New Zenview offers six 24-inch displays as one – Engadget

Newly-Issued Patent may threaten Rich Media applications

You may have seen this already if you read tech news or blogs (Adena over at AllPoints Blog mentioned it this morning), but a patent issued on February 14th for web-based applications that use rich media like Flash, Ajax, and Java. That would mean that any Internet-base rich media applications that use dynamic movement, including video and animation, would potentially fall under the patent. Neil Balthaser, a former executive at Macromedia was awarded the patent, and it’s not clear whether it will stand up to challenge. There is also speculation that Balthasar will sell the patent to one of the big players, like Microsoft or Google, rather than try to enforce it.
Via InformationWeek 


GRASS GIS, the free GIS software package that was first developed in the early 1980s by the US Army Construction Engineering Research Lab (USA-CERL). Version 6.0.2 of GRASS was just released on February 22nd. GRASS has a worldwide user and developer community, and in fact the official site is now on an Italian domain. So, let’s see if we can get a geospatial related Digg onto the front page. Head over to (you have to register for free to Digg something) and search using ‘grass gis’ as the keywords. The GRASS entry should come up, and you just click to the left of the entry to Digg it.

Show notes for AVSP Episode 32

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 32
February 25, 2006

Main Topic: Interview with Rob Elkins and Brian Goldin of the ESRI Development Team.

Click to directly download Episode 32
Click for the detailed shownotes

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A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 32

Main Topic: Interview with Rob Elkins and Brian Goldin. News: Microsoft Grants, USGIF scholarships, Powell at Intergraph 2006

Mashup Camp

On February 11th and 12th, the first Mashup Camp was held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The goal of the camp was get anyone interested in mashups, from mashup developers to API providers to mashup enablers, together in one place to talk about and see all kinds of mashups and get hands on experience. Some of the mashups weren’t necessarily geospatial, but a number of well-known ones like were highlighted. The response was so overwhelming, the organizers are already planning Mashup Camp 2, and the advance signup list on their webpage already has 308 names.

More NPR on Geospatial

Import Cartography points out an interesting spot on NPR’s Weekend Edition (Feb 25) that discusses the use of the National Grid for emergency response and general use.

NPR – New Kind of Map Could Help Emergency Response

Podcast and blog panel at AAG

While we have enough people for our AAG panel on podcasting and blogging in Geography, I would like to add another 1 or 2 folks to round it out. If you are a blogger or if you are just a heavy blog and podcast visitor/listener and are interested in joining us Wednesday morning at the AAG in Chicago then email me and we will see if we can fit you into the panel. Of course, if you are not interested in being part of the panel you should still come to the session to get a hold of some AVSP swag.

Woman versus machine

On Episode 2 of InDigital, an IPTV show/video podcast, in a review of the Magellan Roadmate 800, they pitted a host with the Roadmate against a host with her own knowledge of Los Angeles in a 2 stop race to see who could get to the stops and back to the starting point first.  The segment starts around the 14 minute mark and is peppered with language I would think is common when driving in Los Angeles, definitely not kid friendly 🙂

Fun to watch and does mention the GPS unit for at least 30 seconds.

InDigital – Your Life In Gear – Episode 2

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