Month: November 2005


MapServer Foundation

Monday marked the launch of the MapServer Foundation, a “nonprofit legal entity established to support the needs of the open source web mapping community.” Included among the 11 people who created the MapServer Foundation are Steve Lime, the creator and lead developer of MapServer, and Tyler Mitchell, geographer and author of Web Mapping Illustrated. The website has just gotten up and running, but it does have an open letter announcing the creation of the foundation, an FAQs section, and some other resources.

Via ZDNet Open Source blog

Jesse adds: Also check out the barrage of discussion in the geospatial blogosphere including (newest at top):

  • More from Spatially Adjusted
    He also points out, again, that the foundation’s MapServer Enterprise will be based on the soon to be released MapGuide code which we didn’t specify in the original post above
  • Ed McNierney from the MapServer Listserv
  • Allan Doyle from the think blog
  • Sean Gillies at import cartography
  • James Fee at Spatially Adjusted
  • Glenn at GISUser Blog
  • Tyler Mitchell at O’Reilly includes link to open letter
  • Microsoft selects 15-meter imagery for Windows Live Local

    Harris Corporation announced on Monday that Microsoft will be using their 15-meter Global Dataset imagery for their Windows Live Local Powered by Virtual Earth. I couldn’t find a definite release date for it, but a demo application was previewed in San Francisco on November 1st, which you can read about here.
    Windows Live Local will be part of Microsoft’s Windows Live offerings and some of the beta products are already available at the Windows Live Ideas page. However, Windows Live Local is not yet one of them. Someone did post a screenshot from the recent preview on Flickr


    New Orleans to get free city-wide WiFi – Engadget

    As things move forward in the Gulf Coast region the city of New Orleans plans to provide WiFi in portions of the city for residents and businesses in an attempt to support economic growth until the city is back on its feet.

    New Orleans to get free city-wide WiFi – Engadget –

    Digital Rights Management for Geographic Information

    A Geoplace feature article by John Herring, who works at Oracle and is editor of GeoInformatica, briefly discusses the issue of DRM (Digital Rights Management) in the geospatial community). An interesting point he brings up is that the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has a GeoDRM working group to develop DRM standards for geospatial services.

    10,000 downloads and counting!

    19 episodes, 3 special episode, 10,000 downloads, somewhere around 500 per episode…

    1 great big thank you for listening and supporting us!

    New Demos for Boston HyperMap Atlas

    StrataVarious, the company that has developed the Boston HyperMap Atlas, has just released 2 new demos, one using MSN Virtual Earth and one using Yahoo Maps. They have also prepared comparison charts for all 3 of their demo versions, Google Maps, MSN Virtual Earth, and Yahoo Maps.

    To check out the demos, and the comparison charts, head over to the StrataVarious website

    Show notes for AVSP Episode 19

    A VerySpatial Podcast
    Shownotes – Episode 19
    November 27, 2005

    Main Topic: Comparing GIS analysis and web mapping

    Click to directly download Episode 19

    Click for the detailed shownotes
    Read More

    A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 19

    Main Topic: Comparing GIS analysis and web mapping. News: Lunar World Wind, Froogle with Google Maps.

    Our GIS Day podcast is a Success Story!

    the VerySpatial Podcast GIS Day 2005 episode is highlighted on the Success Stories webpage! Thanks again to Frank and to Rick Lawson of ESRI for joining us on the episode, and thanks to all of you who downloaded the episode and helped us celebrate GIS Day 2005.

    What has MapQuest Been Up To?

    Although MapQuest has been largely left out of a lot of the discussion on the recent explosion of web mapping, they are still out there and are retaining a significant market share for now. An article posted today at the San Jose, CA has an interesting discussion of how MapQuest was a pioneer in online mapping, but has not really changed its business model yet to compete with the new entries from Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

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