Episode 532…yeah I forgot that one

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Sorry folks, we recorded Episode 532 as usual, then I forgot all about it due to a busy holiday week (aren’t they supposed to be relaxing or something?). As soon as I get a chance (Thursday night?) I will try to get the episode up. I deeply apologize for the delay.



Spatial Conversations – #GISTribe and GISCoffee.com

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Spatial Conversations
Shownotes – Episode 04
03 November 2015

Emily Garding, the mind behind #GISTribe, and Nathan Saylor, the force behind GISCoffee, join us this episode. We talk about the weekly #GISTribe Twitter conversations, how to bring lurkers out of their shells, and how you can support GISTribe and get some great coffee over at GISCoffee.com.

The GISCoffee fundraiser is going on through December 2nd so get your orders in soon. Use the code “AVSP” at checkout to save…and no, we don’t get a kick back, the money stays with GISTribe and you get a 10% discount. 🙂

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    Call for AAG panel members – New Media and Social Media for Geography

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    A decade ago we hosted our first panel on New Media in Geography at the AAG. I would like to revisit the topic this year in another panel that expands to include all of the ways that we informally publish/share information on the internet. There are many directions that the conversation could go, but I would like to focus on New & Social media:

  • in sharing knowledge/education
  • for presenting ideas
  • as a reinforcing aspects of the Geography community
  • Some of the conversation will inherently be historical in the discussion of growth, but hopefully we can get into use cases, best practices, and the always exciting anecdotes.

    If you are interested in participating please contact me via email (jesse at veryspatial .com) or on social networks @kindaspatial