GeoTorrent file-sharing

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I saw a press release on GeoTorrent on the Geoplace website and checked out the site. It is based on bitTorrent technology. They seem to have mostly satellite mosaics right now, and also some TIGER data. Here is a link to the GeoTorrent website if you want to check it out:

Skype-in, skip the email and leave us a voice mail

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We have set up a Skype voice mailbox just as we said we would…5 weeks ago. So, for those of you on Skype, send your comments and questions to my account at jesse-veryspatial and if you aren’t on Skype just pick up your phone and call 304-756-8125. As with any VOIP the sound quality isn’t […]

Associations/Groups – International Geographical Union

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The International Geographical Union is an academic organization intended to overcome the national and regional divides between geographers. They host an International Geographical Congress every 4 years, the last was Glasgow, Scotland in August 2004, with regional and topical conferences between. In there own words: The International Geographical Union has the following aims: to promote […]