Map-o-Rama! widget

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Map-o-Rama WidgetThere is a Konfabulator/Yahoo! Widgets widget that uses I had a couple of the undergrads at the lab whip up a map service based widget back in July, but they didn’t accept it to that gallery due to one of the map services we were pointing to being down. That version is specific to work, but I will edit in the next couple of days and post it without the work logo and not centered on Morgantown. Look for it Tuesday night or Wednesday after I finish my write-a-thon.

Until then check out this widget at Konfabulator – Gallery – Map-o-Rama!

ESRI Podcasts

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esriI guess ESRI has decided to join the fray with some of their existing audio/video content from the ’05 User Conference. This is analogous to IT Conversations from Where 2.0. I haven’t listened to any yet, but I think ESRI should speak to Doug Kaye of IT Conversations since he is already supporting quite a few tech conferences and it would place the information from the UC in a more centralized location where others, outside of the traditional GIS community, might find it. I would still like to see a link to their employee bloggers…with a disclaimer that the blogs are opinion of course. Either way this is a nice step into this new media…technology…podcasting.

ESRI Podcasts

The GISuser Blog – GIS & Geospatial news

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I know that I am behind on mentioning other blogs here, because Glenn over at mentioned us before I got around to him. In this case there is more than one site to blog since Glenn has his own blog, but he is also “the founder & Managing Editor” of GISUser and other news/ezine sites. I know that both Sue and I have trolled the site regularly and I always point folks to this site as a great place to keep up with job listings.

In his blog he points out quite a few interesting tidbits, most of your standard bloggy lore, but it is joined by insight from a knowledgable industry insider and the contacts of an industry news representative.

The GISuser Blog – GIS & Geospatial news

GeoMAC (Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination) – Wildfire Support

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I can file this under “new to me”. The government is taking full advantage of many of the geospatial tools that are out there. The newest that I have come across is the GeoMAC (Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination).
This site is a gateway to a standard ArcIMS viewer for viewing the locations of current wildfires. It seems to be a partnership between most of the land holding agencies in the governement for the US Department of Interior and the US Department of Agriculture.

Welcome new visitors…read to learn the details

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A little poster action

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podcast posterWe had a small poster session for the departments in arts & sciences today. For this event I tossed together a quick blog/podcast poster that is descriptive rather than research based, though we had a couple of those up too. I was fairly happy with it for the 2 hours of effort I put into it so I decided to share it…well that and Sue said I had to :-). The pdf is about 34×46″ (yes, my poster printing mindset is left over from printing ArchE on plotters that enforced a 1″ border) and will cost you 1.7MB of download time.

Download Here

How we put together the podcast

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This is the first of 2-3 columns I am going to write on how we put the podcast together. The column is primarily on the more technical aspects (equipment & software) where as the next one I will write more about the scripting that we should do for the podcast and some of the postproduction details after we have recorded but before we have posted the podcast. The third column will reflect our attempts to advertise the podcast and a little marketing to help defray the costs involved.

How we put together the podcast

Community Mapping Project in San Jose, Ca

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A project will be getting underway this winter to map 19 poor and underserved communities in San Jose. This is the continuation of a community mapping project begun in 2003. Residents themselves, working with other groups, will be using GPS, handhelds, and digital cameras to survey their neighborhoods.

The hope is that results from these survey will continue to help city officials understand the conditions and needs in these communities.

You can read the full article at the Christian Science Monitor website


“data providers do hold all the cards just now”

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Adena over at AllPointsBlog states “While we try to understand the implications of the new offerings [from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!], let’s not forget that geospatial apps run on data as fuel. And, just like gasoline, the price of premium data is still high.”

This blog entry ties in nicely with some of the discussions we had back in the first 5 episodes about the importance of the data in addition to the technology providing them.

Geodata Changes at Google