Google Maps could aid terrorists, says Indian President

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This has pretty much been an ongoing debate in the GIS community ever since the WTC bombings. Google’s offereings pretty much brings this debate into a more open arena. What’s interesting is that the we’re seeing a larger group of countries from different regions beginning to complain. This issue is just going to get bigger and bigger with each passing day – how much information is too much? I wonder what the incidence of terrorism verses the countries that are complaining? I can’t imagine the Netherlands having a huge terrorist problem.

The Wired article

CommonCensus Map Project – Mapping Where You Think You Live

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This is a pretty cool project that I just read about via Wired. It is about mapping our world based on our perception of it, not just by physical coordinates. It was started only a month ago by Michael Baldwin, an English teacher living in Brazil.
You can participate in the project by going to and adding your address and answering a few questions.


Who will control the Internet?

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You may or may not already know this, but a controversy that could change the way the Internet is run has been simmering since the spring and now will be coming to a head next month at the U.N. meeting on the Information Society. Basically, the US has always controlled the root servers for the Internet, through the private company known as ICANN. During the Clinton administration, a memorandum of understanding was apparently signed saying the US would eventually give up some of that control. In April, the Bush administration announced that the US would no longer be abiding by that agreement. There have been tense negotiations since then, but after no luck getting the US to budge, the European Union and the UN are now putting together a coalition to wrest control of the Internet from the US at the meeting in Tunisia in November. The implications of this will be far-reaching, and anyone who depends on the Internet should be paying attention to how this plays out.

The Guardian, a UK newspaper has been covering this, and you might want to check out their most recent article

US media outlets have had a couple of mentions, but not a lot of coverage. It has also been mentioned on SlashDot and other blogs.

5000 downloads and counting

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We have served over 5000 downloads of the podcast, with an average of around 300 downloads per episode. Looking over the logs I would have to say that we are growing 10-15 listeners per week. This doesn’t include those of you who have just joined us after finding us through Directions Magazine. We would like to thank everyone for your support, and on that thought keep an ear out for our first avsp contest which we will be announcing in a couple of weeks (in Episode 15). Nothing too large unless we magically come up with some cash or a sponsor before then, but hopefully something fun.

Thanks again!

Map-o-Rama! widget

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Map-o-Rama WidgetThere is a Konfabulator/Yahoo! Widgets widget that uses I had a couple of the undergrads at the lab whip up a map service based widget back in July, but they didn’t accept it to that gallery due to one of the map services we were pointing to being down. That version is specific to work, but I will edit in the next couple of days and post it without the work logo and not centered on Morgantown. Look for it Tuesday night or Wednesday after I finish my write-a-thon.

Until then check out this widget at Konfabulator – Gallery – Map-o-Rama!