Boston HyperMap Atlas with Google Maps API

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We received the press release this morning for the Boston HyperMap Atlas from StrataVarious, Inc. which pairs Google Maps with the interactive HyperMap Atlas to link together the basic web mapping interface with an atlas that provides all kinds of information, from historic landmarks to government buildings, to hotels and shopping.

I checked the site out and it’s a pretty cool app. I especially like the historic map layer (since history is one of my specialties) Anyway, definitely check out this site.

StrataVarious, Inc. Boston HyperMap Atlas


Jesse’s wrap up

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I have been bouncing around this week due to work and haven’t posted very much, but instead of filling up the page and RSS feed with a few notes all at once I am going to just touch on a few announcements in one post.

  • ESRI has released the proceedings from this past weeks Health GIS conference in Chicago
  • Who’s Responsible for Map Data from Adena
  • New Podcast from the Ordnance Survey
  • 2006 ESRI Developer Summit
  • Oracle to offer free DB solution