Jesse’s wrap up

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I have been bouncing around this week due to work and haven’t posted very much, but instead of filling up the page and RSS feed with a few notes all at once I am going to just touch on a few announcements in one post.

  • ESRI has released the proceedings from this past weeks Health GIS conference in Chicago
  • Who’s Responsible for Map Data from Adena
  • New Podcast from the Ordnance Survey
  • 2006 ESRI Developer Summit
  • Oracle to offer free DB solution

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    Some of you may have seen this site on the sidebar ads over the last few days. I had often wondered if anyone other than Kinko’s would offer large format printing. GeoPrinter goes one step forward to offer giant plot sizes and next day printing. If you know someone who doesn’t have a large format printer, but could use one, you might want to point it out.

    Using GIS technology to help in gene research

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    METAFUNCTIONS, an interdisciplinary European Union project that began on Oct. 1st, 2005, is developing a data-mining system that can help identify relationships between sequenced genes and their environmental contexts. One part of this project is to use GIS functionaly, including the development of a “Genome MapServer”, to map and analyze the spatial characteristics of data patterns.

    Precision farming using digital mapping

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    This is an interesting article from the online edition of Capital Press Agriculture Weekly discussing how farmers in Oregon are beginning to use digital mapping technologies in precision farming. By using accurate field mapping and overlays with information like soil type, the farmers can concentrate fertilizer application and track yields and productivity. It just shows again how far digital mapping technologies are spreading into so many industries that you wouldn’t normally think of.

    You can check out the precision farming article here