Rand McNally MapEngine

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Rand McNally has announced the release of MapEngine, their new web service that will feature the company’s proprietary mapping database. MapEngine is aimed at businesses, and Rand McNally will offer a hosted service or a MapEngine Server API that will integrate the web service into customized applications. This marks the entry of one of the […]

Matrox DualHead2Go for Multi-Monitor Displays

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As a big fan of multi-monitor displays, I took notice of the GISCafe press release announcing the new Matrox DualHead2Go external adapter. Now, you can have a multi-monitor display without installing a new video card, and the DualHead2Go is under $200. Jesse knows more about this hardware stuff than me, but it seems pretty cool. […]


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Ummm…yeah. So today, I skipped the morning, but sat in on a session in the afternoon on erosion and runoff (under the soil physics section – S01). I have only recorded on interview so far and it doesn’t sound great. We were standing in front of a poster (use of handheld hyperspectral sensors in recording […]


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Yesterday MSNBC.com featured a profile of GeographyZone, a website started by Roger Andreson that features puzzles, games and other educational resources to promote geography awareness. Although the site is not new, it’s nice to see geography education in the spotlight on a prominent news site.


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Earth Observation and Geospatial Technology for Civil Society…EOGEO is somewhat related to our topic of community mapping this week as their mission is to “provide rapid access to geospatial data content, tools, and services for NGOs, aid agencies, charities, and individuals via the internet and electronic media.” The projects the nonprofit is working on include: […]


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I am skipping out on sessions right now, but I will head back in a few. Salt Lake City is still a nice town (I was here in March for the NRCS cultural resource specialists meeting). The conference seems a little smaller than I expected since it is three groups at one conference. I am […]