New Demos for Boston HyperMap Atlas

StrataVarious, the company that has developed the Boston HyperMap Atlas, has just released 2 new demos, one using MSN Virtual Earth and one using Yahoo Maps. They have also prepared comparison charts for all 3 of their demo versions, Google Maps, MSN Virtual Earth, and Yahoo Maps.

To check out the demos, and the comparison charts, head over to the StrataVarious website

What has MapQuest Been Up To?

Although MapQuest has been largely left out of a lot of the discussion on the recent explosion of web mapping, they are still out there and are retaining a significant market share for now. An article posted today at the San Jose, CA has an interesting discussion of how MapQuest was a pioneer in online mapping, but has not really changed its business model yet to compete with the new entries from Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Reminder: avsp Drawing ends today

Just a quick reminder that our first drawing will take place at the end of this week and will be announced on Episode 20 of avsp to be released December 4. We have added the option to scan and email your entry to make sure it arrives in time for the drawing, though you must still send us the physical postcard. All entries must be received by 11:59PM PST, December 1, 2005 .

Good luck!