Planet Geospatial Widget

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As you know, I am all about the widgets. The newest widget on my desktop is the Planet Geospatial RSS widget which pulls from…you guessed…Planet Geospatial. James Fee was nice enough to create this widget for us all to use and it is quite handy if you just want to glance to see the new headlines. We won’t be creating an RSS widget for VerySpatial since I think the Planet Geospatial widget is a great one stop shop for all of your geospatial needs. As always you will need to download the Yahoo! Widget Engine to run the widget.

Spatially Adjusted with James Fee » Download the Planet Geospatial Yahoo! Widget


GPS for Tsunami Warnings

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Wired News has an interesting article about the use of GPS as an aid in tsunami warnings. Researchers have suggested at least 2 ways in which GPS might give warning information: 1) GPS receivers can measure ground movement in real time, and they could also be used to measure tsunami-associated pressure waves in the Earth’s atmosphere. Either method, when combined with seismic-based warning systems, could help cut down the time before a warning can be issued and increase time for evacuation.


UCGIS Draft Body of Knowledge

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UCGISThe University Consortium for Geographic Information Science has made a draft of its GI S&T Body of Knowledge (that’s Geographic Information Science and Technology, BTW) available for comment. This document is part of their Model Curricula. Comments can be made on the associated discussion forum on the UCGIS site. While the document is lengthy at 115 pages there are many pages of bullets. The file is available as both a MSWord document for editing and PDF.

Download the GI S&T Body of Knowledge document.

Show Notes

Show notes for AVSP Episode 22

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mascotEpisode is rated PG due to inuendo.

Outtakes galore as we travel the countryside.

  • “Dreidel, Dreidel Dreidel” by Old Man Nelson & His Tiny Robot Orchestra
  • Intro
  • “Christmas on Mars” by Bubble
  • Frank and t-shirt greed
  • Jesse pointing and Frank’s filter
  • Who would Geography be at the party?
  • “Christmas is Here” by Number One Fan
  • Jesse…killer of fun
  • Bear, Jimmy, and the long walk to the bathroom
  • “Xmas Song” by American Heartbreak