GPS for Tsunami Warnings

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Wired News has an interesting article about the use of GPS as an aid in tsunami warnings. Researchers have suggested at least 2 ways in which GPS might give warning information: 1) GPS receivers can measure ground movement in real time, and they could also be used to measure tsunami-associated pressure waves in the Earth’s […]

Mapping a city’s tree canopy

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This article from the Charlotte Observer discusses Hickory, North Carolina’s plan to map its tree canopy using aerial photography and and unnamed mapping software product, as development has begun to have an impact on the city’s tree cover. Via GISCafe

Show notes for AVSP Episode 22

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Episode is rated PG due to inuendo. Outtakes galore as we travel the countryside. “Dreidel, Dreidel Dreidel” by Old Man Nelson & His Tiny Robot Orchestra Intro “Christmas on Mars” by Bubble Frank and t-shirt greed Jesse pointing and Frank’s filter Who would Geography be at the party? “Christmas is Here” by Number One Fan […]

Google and the establishment of GIS As Media

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For GeoWorld’s December 2005 issue, Matt Ball has written a short position article on the notion that the release of Google’s mapping-related applications in 2005, and their huge surge in popularity has demonstrated that GIS is, in fact, a form of media, as suggested by geographers Daniel Sui and Michael Goodchild in 2001.

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There is a new kid(s) on the block! The ArcDeveloper Blog is up and running. They are still getting ramped up and giving the “hey how are ya’s” but the site looks promising. If you are a GIS developer or a student who will be going into the geospatial workforce this will probably be a […]