Welcome to the GEODE Initiative!

The GEODE (Geographic Data in Education) Initiative “is dedicated to the improvement of Earth and environmental science education through the use of data visualization and analysis tools to support inquiry-based pedagogy.” The have created two data viewers that are available for download: My World GIS (45 day demo version) and WorldWatcher. These software packages are intended to make the GIS user experience more approachable. Head over to their website and check out the software and the project in general.

Welcome to the GEODE Initiative!

MapMemo: Contextualize your files

MapMemo is a neat little desktop program that let’s you drag and drop any file on a map to create a location-based pointer to the original file. The problems with MapMemo? MacOSX only and if the default map doesn’t work for you then you have to generate your own and bring it in. I also would guess that the software uses pixel coordinates as opposed to a projected coordinate system, though I haven’t actually played with it so I am not positive. Either way, neat idea.


GLIS Annual GIS competition for high schools

The Geographic and Land Information Society has announced their Annual GIS Competion for high schools, sponsored by ESRI. Basically, high schools submit projects to the competition by the deadline of March 15, 2006, and the winners will be notified by April 1st. Entry forms, rules for project submissions, and information on prizes can be found at the GLIS competition website. Good luck to the schools who enter!

VerySpatial Contest #3 – Name the VerySpatial Bear!

Name MeThat’s right! Our sooo cute new mascot needs a name! Just send us an email with your suggestion for what to name our bear, and Jesse, Frank, and I will choose the winning name. The person who provides the best name will receive one of our mascot’s litter mates and a matching T-shirt.

All email entries must be received by January 12th, and we will announce the winner on Episode 26, our half-year anniversary. So, send us your name suggestions today!

States wary of Google’s Bird’s Eye View

Although this has been blogged in one form or the other several times over the last few months, I think it’s an increasingly pressing issue. States are having real problems about what they can see on Google Earth. This really gets to the heart of the whole public/private debate. As the article points out, Google isn’t putting out there anything that isn’t available from other places in other forms. It also reminds the GIS folks that sometimes completely innocent intentions can be feared.

The New York Times article

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