NPR on web-based directions

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“Ask anyone for directions and you will see the strengths and weaknesses of the human species…” (NPR Morning Edition, Jan 10, 2006) Sometimes I am a little frightened that I will start a story off that way, big intro…small return.  While the story brought out good points for the general public to be mindful of, […]

Google Maps mash-up to track your packages

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Ok, so I admit, I’m probably more excited about this than most people, but whenever I order something, I obsessively track its progress via the handy tracking feature on most carriers websites. Now, I can obsessively track my packages as they move across space and time with, which uses Google Maps to display the […]

Google Earth for Mac OS

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According to OgleEarth it should run on any G3 or higher with at least 600 Mhz.  I will be loading it on my Mini tonight to see how it does.  Also of note in the Mac world is the announcement of the first round of Intel-based machines.  I am still holding out for a Mac […]

Do Geographers Need More Sleep?

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Here’s an interesting article about the effects of sleep deprivation. The interesting note is that sleep deprivation appears to most aversely affect spatial learning and spatial tasks! So if you’re having trouble with any of your GIS projects, maybe you need more sleep….? The full article.

Want to do your part for science?

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on Sunday at approximately 1:56am Pacific Standard Time, the Stardust capsule will be re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere on its way back from space with its precious load of comet dust collected from the comet Wild 2. Researchers need volunteers to observe the Stardust capsule’s re-entry (although obviously you would be to be in the western […]

The changing US commercial remote sensing industry

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According to an article in yesterday’s Rocky Mountain News, 2006 is going to be a year of change for the US commercial remote sensing imagery, as new high-resolution satellite are launched to meet the needs of both government and, increasingly, private customers. In addition, Orbimage’s $58.5 million purchase of Space Imaging, Inc. may have an […]

Landsat 8?

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One of our listeners, Michelle, emailed us with a link to an article in the Sioux Falls, SD Argus Leader online newspaper, which states that an announcement was made quietly just before Christmas that there will be a new satellite, hopefully launching in 2010, to continue the Landsat mission. The article only provides a few […]