Press Release – January 13, 2006

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PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For information about this announcement, contact: Jesse Rouse VerySpatial, LLC tel: +1-304-756-8125 A VerySpatial Podcast half-year episode featuring interview with Peter Morville Morgantown, WV, January 13, 2006 – VerySpatial, LLC VerySpatial, LLC is pleased to announce that we have reached the 26th episode of A VerySpatial Podcast, which features […]

Did the Chinese discover America?

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The BBCNews website posted an article today about a Chinese map that, if authentic, may suggest that Chinese mariners visited and mapped the coasts of America before Columbus. Chinese characters on the map apparently say that it was drawn in 1763 as a copy of a map made in 1418. The map’s ink and paper […]

NSG Statement of Strategic Intent Available

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The NGA issued a press release today announcing the availability of the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG) Statement of Strategic Intent, a document that gives a vision for the future of geospatial intelligence. If you are interested the full press release is available from your favorite geospatial news sites. Here is a link to the […]

Tiny tiny GPS receiver

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It is small… it is small… oh and it is a GPS receiver.  Ubiquitous computing requires truly portable electronics…I think this might help keep your device slim. New Zealand’s Rakon develops world’s smallest GPS receiver – Engadget

Alaskan Volcano webcam

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The Alaska Volcano Observatory website has a webcam located on Augustine Island in Alaska, monitoring Augustine Volcano, which had a small ash eruption yesterday and continues to show signs of unrest. The images are updated every 30 minutes, and show a pretty good image of the ash plume and several small lahars (volcanic mudflows). The […]

NPR on web-based directions

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“Ask anyone for directions and you will see the strengths and weaknesses of the human species…” (NPR Morning Edition, Jan 10, 2006) Sometimes I am a little frightened that I will start a story off that way, big intro…small return.  While the story brought out good points for the general public to be mindful of, […]

Google Maps mash-up to track your packages

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Ok, so I admit, I’m probably more excited about this than most people, but whenever I order something, I obsessively track its progress via the handy tracking feature on most carriers websites. Now, I can obsessively track my packages as they move across space and time with, which uses Google Maps to display the […]