Assessing the cultural value of farmland and open space

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Art Rex, a geographer at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, is conducting research on using GIS as a tool in developing qualitative assessments of the value of farmland and open space that go beyond the monetary value of the land. By creating a database of other variables that might affect perceptions of a parcel’s value, Rex and othe researchers working with him hope to create a total value assessment tool to help local communities in the decision-making processes related to development.

Via The Mountain Times

Mapping Video Games

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I personally find virtual worlds mapping an interesting niche in the mapping world.  Most world builders have no real training in any sort of geographic principles, so I find it facinating how they link various geographic regions together in world.  Here’s an interesting site that shows maps for vintage video games (and a couple of not so vintage ones too!)  I’m hoping we get to do a podcast in the future on virtual world mapping.

Mappy – Road Guide

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Mappy is a European page that has quite a few interesting features that aren’t really available in its ‘states-side’ counterparts.  It does offer up the expected high-res imagery for a few larger cities and vector graphics for most everywhere in Europe, but it also has an interesting feature they call MappyMe (MappyMoi if you watch the French demo).  MappyMe allows you to maintain an address book that you can then use to create maps and routes, maintain a collection of routes, and send email invitations to friends in your address book that include directions from their address.  Head over to check out these and other features at Mappy.
Mappy – Road Guide

Wow….now you, too, can feel like Godzilla!

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RFID floorCheck out this entry from the RFID in Japan blog. They have created an exhibition with a giant aerial photo of the city on the floor, with over 7000 RFID tags embedded in the floor beneath the photo. As you move the portable information display around the photo (they plan to add PDA-based support soon), the display gives you historical and cultural information about the position on the photo. I have to say, this is just cool……

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Why you should clearly mark your geocache!

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This story on CNN demostrates why you need to clearly mark a geocache as such. From the article, “In June, a bomb squad in De Pere, Wisconsin, used a robot-mounted shotgun to blast the lid off a suspicious-looking military ammunition box found in a park. It also turned out to be a geocache.” It’s a little bit funny, but also a tad scary. So paint a big red ‘geocache’ on your geocache boxes!

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GeoEye now world’s largest commercial satellite imagery company

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Orbimage, Inc. recently finalized its acquisition of Denver-based Space Imaging, Inc., and the two companies will now combine to do business as GeoEye. In early 2007, the company is still planning to launch OrbView-5, a new satellite which will be able to capture panchromatic and multispectral imagery with a ground resolution of 0.41 meters, which they claim will be the highest commercial resolution in the world. GeoEye will now also provide imagery from Space Imaging’s main satellite sensors, IKONOS and the Indian Remote Sensing satellite sensors, along with their own OrbView satellites.

Via Directions Magazine

IP Address to Location

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The Link has been corrected now!  Sorry for any confusion. 

While there are a few tools out there to do this sort of thing, I thought this one was a nice, clean, simple interface for it. It features AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) as its base technology, which helps make it faster than most implementations. It’s a pretty usefull tool for those interested in doing IP lookups to find geographic coordinates.