Asus MyPal A636 GPS-equipped PDA reviewed – Engadget

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ASUS MyPalEngadget has a link to a review of a new GPS PDA. These devices are to support those of us who have Trimble GeoXT envy, and a budget…well kind of. Coming in at $600 MSRP, I will stick with my tablet and a PCMCIA GPS card. The review, which is at, has some great pictures and screenshots from its included wayfinding software.

Asus MyPal A636 GPS-equipped PDA reviewed – Engadget

Adobe Acrobat 3D

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For all you CAD users out there, Yahoo!News reported on Monday that Adobe is releasing Adobe Acrobat 3D, which will allow 3D files from major CAD applications to be saved as PDFs and retain their 3D characteristics. It’s not cheap at $995, but as the article points out, it will be pretty useful to people who need to share their CAD projects for collaboration and review.

China to Spend Millions to Survey the Great Wall

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An article in Friday’s online edition of The Epoch Times reports that China will spend 200 million yuan (approximagely $25 million US) to survey the Great Wall using modern remote sensing, GPS, and GIS technology. China’s Information Center for Basic Geography will conduct the survey with the hope of determing the exact length and orientation of the Great Wall. In addition, “Mr. Zhang Ji, vice secretary-general of the Great Wall Association of China, said that when the measurements are completed, a 3-D image of the Wall will be posted on the Internet.”

AllPointsBlog gets Dugg

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For those of you familiar with the social bookmarking site, search Digg for “geospatial” (or just click the link) and you will see that someone dugg Adena over at I am definitely for this and think the community should try to see if we can get enough diggs to push this story to the front page (temporary home of the popular links).

If you are a regular Digg user, head over, sign-in and click on ‘digg it’. If you don’t have an account, sign-up (it is free) then digg the story.

Help us make THE list of desktop GIS packages

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In a couple of weeks we are going to do an episode where we discuss what we think is important in a desktop GIS package and discuss many of the desktop GIS packages that are currently available. This is going to be the first monthly install of a multi-part series. Later we will focus on web mapping, remote sensing packages, object-oriented systems, developement options, etc, but this time we are focusing on stand-alone desktop GIS packages.

If you would like to help, please check out the list of commercial and open source desktop GIS solutions I have started. If you know of a software not on the list yet or if you have experience using some of the less mainstream packages please leave a comment at the bottom of the list page. We hope to discuss this on Feb 4, so please leave comments by then.

Note: If this is your first comment I have to approve it before it shows up on the page. We do this to keep the spam out.

Assessing the cultural value of farmland and open space

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Art Rex, a geographer at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, is conducting research on using GIS as a tool in developing qualitative assessments of the value of farmland and open space that go beyond the monetary value of the land. By creating a database of other variables that might affect perceptions of a parcel’s value, Rex and othe researchers working with him hope to create a total value assessment tool to help local communities in the decision-making processes related to development.

Via The Mountain Times

Mapping Video Games

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I personally find virtual worlds mapping an interesting niche in the mapping world.  Most world builders have no real training in any sort of geographic principles, so I find it facinating how they link various geographic regions together in world.  Here’s an interesting site that shows maps for vintage video games (and a couple of not so vintage ones too!)  I’m hoping we get to do a podcast in the future on virtual world mapping.