IP Address to Location

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The Link has been corrected now!  Sorry for any confusion.  While there are a few tools out there to do this sort of thing, I thought this one was a nice, clean, simple interface for it. It features AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) as its base technology, which helps make it faster than most implementations. […]

gisblog.net » Geominder

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A few days ago GISBlog.net mentioned GeoMinder a phone-based software that makes happen what I think is one of the holy grails of LBS, the ability to create location based notes. While GeoMinder seems to be for individual notes, the logical next step is to host these on a server and share them with contacts. […]

Usted habla espanol? … dos

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I came across another spanish speaking geospatial blog that is interesting.  Their description suggests they focus on Virtual Earth and Google Local, but they have some good links to interesting sites that haven’t made the rounds in most of the english speaking blogs (I will be changing that in the next couple of days 🙂 […]

Peter Morville on “Spatiosemantic”

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Peter Morville, our guest on this week’s episode, maintains his own blog, Findability.org, where he discusses the ideas behind the technologies that are making findability an increasingly important part of our digital lifestyles. In a post yesterday (where he also gave us a nod!), he coins the term ‘spatiosemantic’ and defines it as “a mashup […]

Usted habla espanol?

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If so you may be interested in the spanish speaking blog La Cartoteca. From the entries that I have ‘read’ (my spanish teacher would be sad) so far La Cartoteca seems to focus on cartography with some general geography and miscellaneous content for good measure. Alejandro Polanco Masa, the blog author also has another interesting […]