Eyebeam R&D’s OpenGLExtractor

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Want to add your favorite 3D game character to GoogleEarth? Eyebeam R&D’s OpenGLExtractor allows you to capture and re-use 3D geometry data in other 3D graphics applications, basically a “screen grab” for 3D objects. The example on Eyebeam’s OpenLab site shows a couple of mashups with Google Earth where 3D data was captured and imported. […]

Adobe Acrobat 3D

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For all you CAD users out there, Yahoo!News reported on Monday that Adobe is releasing Adobe Acrobat 3D, which will allow 3D files from major CAD applications to be saved as PDFs and retain their 3D characteristics. It’s not cheap at $995, but as the article points out, it will be pretty useful to people […]

AllPointsBlog gets Dugg

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For those of you familiar with the social bookmarking site Digg.com, search Digg for “geospatial” (or just click the link) and you will see that someone dugg Adena over at AllPointsBlog.com. I am definitely for this and think the community should try to see if we can get enough diggs to push this story to […]