Step-By-StepTutorial: Open Source Web GIS

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mapz posted a link to an article titled “Web GIS in practice IV: publishing your health maps and connecting to remote WMS sources using the Open Source UMN MapServer and DM Solutions MapLab“, that  comes complete with a tutorial.  The tutorial is a 14 page document that walks you through downloading the software, installing on […]

Open Access to State-collected Geodata

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I was pointed by Tim, one of our listeners, to a manifesto for open data access in the UK.  If any of you work in the UK regularly or have wanted to do work in the UK, you know that the Ordnance Survey’s data licensing is pricey.  This leaves some of us in the US […]

Carbon Project Becomes ESRI Business Partner

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The Carbon Project, which focuses on development of Open-Geospatial .NET applications, announced it has become a member of the ESRI Business Partner Program, and will develop interoperability extensions for ArcGIS. The first extension will be CarbonArc, which will enable seamless use of OGC services in ArcGIS. The first module, CarbonArc Lite, is already available for […]

Landsat 5 has resumed operations

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Tim Warner here at WVU just forwarded us the good news that Landsat 5 has resumed acquisition operations for the continental US and international data acquisition will be coming back online in the next few weeks. Engineers were able to make adjustments to Landsat 5’s solar array to give it enough power to continue its […]

Japan Launches Mapping Satellite

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The Japanese Advanced Land Observation Satellite (nicknamed “Daichi’) was launched on January 24th, after two delays for technical problems. According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), The satellite will be used for mapping and to monitor disasters and environmental change around the world. Via Bloomberg and GeoPlace

Pleistocene Park

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A project is underway in Russia to return a portion of Siberia to the landscape and ecosystem that existed 10,000 years ago during the late Pleistocene. The initiative is led by Russian biologist Sergei Zimov, and is aptly dubbed “Pleistocene Park” Already 20 square kilometers have been fenced off, and Yakutian horses, reindeer, and moose […]