A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 215

A VerySpatial Podcast Shownotes – Episode 215 August 30, 2009 Main Topic: Our conversation with Jon Kimerling and Aileen Buckley, authors of the 6th edition of Map Use: Reading and Analysis Click to directly download MP3 Click to directly download AAC Click for the detailed shownotes

Press Release – January 13, 2006

PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For information about this announcement, contact: Jesse Rouse VerySpatial, LLC tel: +1-304-756-8125 podcast@veryspatial.com A VerySpatial Podcast half-year episode featuring interview with Peter Morville Morgantown, WV, January 13, 2006 – VerySpatial, LLC VerySpatial, LLC is pleased to announce that we have reached the 26th episode of A VerySpatial Podcast, which features …