USGS releasing Google Earth Virtual Tour of 1906 San FranciscoEarthquake

According to a USGS press release from yesterday, a Google Earth-based virtual tour of the devastating 1902 San Francisco will be announced during a press conference which was scheduled to start at 10am. The feed from the news conference was supposed to stream live from the USGS website, but I was finally able to connect and there is nobody in the room (some music is playing .

Update: It is starting now….10am Pacific Time……I am watching now

Update 2: The Virtual Tour webpage is now live on the USGS website.

Via OgleEarth

First Annual Virtual Globes Scientific Users Conference

We had a session devoted to Virtual Globes at the AAG Annual Meeting, and now there is going to be an entire conference sponsored by research centers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Arctic Region Supercomputing Center and the University of Colorado Boulder. The 2-day Virtual Globes Scientific Users Conference will focus specifically on the use of online Virtual Globes in earth sciences, and will be held in Boulder, Colorado from July 10-12, 2006.

Registration is free, but limited, and registration closes on June 9, 2006. They are looking for presenters, so if you are interested, check out the conference registration page for details.