Spatial role-playing and virtual immersion

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It is interesting to find that there are many types of spatial immersion projects going on this summer. They provide a good contrast of how creative people can be with spatial immersion as an educational tool and the importance of experiencing an environment to understanding it in a new way. The original Virtual Trillium Trail […]

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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It’s always fun to compare the modern marvels of yesterday to their technological equivalent today. I spent about an hour on Charles Shopsin’s blog  “Modern Mechanix: Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today” reading all of the old geospatial related articles I could find. A short article from a issue of Popular Mechanics extols the convenience of a Dashboard Map that Holds a […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the almost one year anniversary of Google Street View Ireland, here is an enjoyable interview with Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist for Google Street View, discussing the launch of Google Street View Ireland for almost every urban center and rural road in Ireland. I have also included great video Google […]