CrossOver Mac – run your Windows apps without Windows

The folks over at Codeweaver have announced a commercial version of WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator) that allows you to run CERTAIN Windows software without booting into Windows or running a virtual machine, almost natively in Mac or Linux. A great idea, but the software list isn’t necessarily long.

Yeah, this should go on my other blog where I have been talking about GIS on the Mac, but I was too lazy to log into the other site 🙂

CodeWeavers – CrossOver Mac

Autodesk Student Design Fest

Autodesk is doing something pretty cool for students. They have developed a community site that not only allows students to download quit a bit of their software, but also offers a social networking component with a Digg style ranking system for posts on the site. I signed up as a Gaming & Animation student since there wasn’t an option for geospatial, but I think you may get access to different things (software) depending on the degree area you select the only difference is the site css style.

Autodesk Student Community

gvSIG makes it to 1.0

The only GIS that I am aware of that is coming out of Spain, gvSIG, sent out a press release today announcing that they made it to a stable version 1.0. This is an open source project that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac (so I will be including it in part 2 or 3 of the GIS on Mac round up on VSTV). I haven’t had too much time to play with it, but gvSIG seems to fall into the data viewer/mapping category.


Monitor Grid Computing Around the World

The Gird Particle Physics project has a neat feature that lets you monitor grid computing in real time around the world. Basically, in order to do the calculations needed for the world’s largest particle accelerator, scientists have turned to grid computing. For readers who might be unaware exactly what that is, it is more or less getting hundreds or thousands of computers to work together simultaneously to do very large calculations. The application listed on the site will allow anyone to view calculations happening around the world simultaneously. The whole thing is pretty fascinating and show the potential power that could be tapped to do complex calculations, like, say, 3D GIS modeling…

The Unseen Video – Embedding local weather and time information in a music video

One of our listeners and readers, Elaine, sent me a link to this project, entitled The Unseen Video, and it’s a pretty cool concept. The video is a music video for Mike Milosh’s song – You Make Me Feel, but what makes it different is that the video maker has tied the presentation of the video images to local weather. Before the video launches, your location is queried through your IP location , local weather and time are determined. Based on that, the video images are customized. It did a good job of pinpointing us, and played us a lovely daytime snow scene based on our forecast.

There are lots of other applications for technology like this, so check it out (if you’re at work, you’ll probably need your headphones)

Microsoft Expression

I haven’t had a chance to play with the package, but it looks like an interesting attempt by Microsoft to create a modern web design tool that supports CSS, XML, etc. I firmly believe that FrontPage was the worst software ever created (that I used at least), but Expression Web looks promising. If you want to get a quick demo check out the Nov 22 overview on the ScobleShow video podcast. There is also an open beta available on the Expression page.

Microsoft Expression – Home