Internet Operating System?

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A couple of days ago, Tim O’Reilly published an interesting piece entitled “The State of the Internet Operating System” I’m not going to say a whole lot about it, other than to say it touched on a lot of areas. ┬áHe talked about mobile, location based services, platform integration, abstractions, and a bunch of other […]

Micello – Mapping Indoor Spaces

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As more and more mapping applications are being developed and releasing, we’re seeing a lot of innovative ways to utilize maps. Finding your way from point A to Point B, checking out real-time weather and traffic conditions, finding restaurants and services…. the list is getting longer every day. But one area that is still relatively […]

UNIX taking the lead (part 1)

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There are times when I hear someone say something that should have been obvious, but it just makes me pause (more dumbfounded than usual) due to the the way it shifts my thinking about a significant portion of my universe. The statement in question was made by Andy Ihnatko on a recent MacBreak Weekly (Epi173) […]

Adobe Acrobat and geospatial information

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I was catching up on my email this morning, and got a note that Adobe has started an Acrobat Geospatial and Mapping Forum for its users to discuss topics related to using Acrobat and spatially-enabled PDFs for geospatial applications. Although I often export maps and other documents as PDFs, I’m not really that familiar with […]

Synthing the Inauguration

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In case you haven’t already seen this, Microsoft is partnering with CNN to use Photosynth create a huge synth of Obama’s Inauguration on Tuesday, January 20th. Using a combination of photos from CNN photographers and anybody attending the event who wants to participate, the synth will capture the entire sweep of the Inauguration, from closeups […]