New Poll: Have you gone green

We often talk about global warming, going green, and our role on the environment in the podcast and blog, but we are kind of curious where you stand on the green spectrum so your options are:

  • Hunter Green – You are planting trees, using environment safe products, practicing the 3 R’s (reduce reuse recycle) , and more
  • Emerald Green – You make an effort, practice the 3 R’s, making the switch to CFL bulbs, but you still have some bad habits
  • Lime Green – You try to conserve energy, do what you can when you have the time, but …
  • Nope – You don’t even try.
  • As for the last poll it looks like most people don’t really get a chance to make it to conferences. Bug your boss and get out there so you can share your experience and learn from others.

    Which bluetooth GPS to buy (poll)

    VerySpatial is in search of a simple and small bluetooth GPS to use as we wander through the conferences coming up this summer. The poll is back on the left hand column of the site. I haven’t had any luck finding a good comparison of the current round of units in terms of ease of use, battery consumption, stability, and connectivity, so we are hoping some of you have these units and might be willing to speak on their behalf. Feel free to email details or other units that I didn’t include that you think are worth considering.

    Holux Pharos TeleType