New poll – Site design

We are waffling about the design of the front page of We like the idea of having featured content, but right now we aren’t sure we are creating enough ‘feature’ content to warrant it. We want to make sure that the site is useful. On that note we are running a poll for the next couple of weeks asking whether we should stick with our new front page with the featured content panel and a few posts or go with a traditional blog front page featuring the most recent 10 posts.

The last poll came out with the majority of folks wanting to head to Where 2.0 with almost as many folks wishing they could go to the ESRI Dev Summit. Hopefully you had (will have) a chance to hit a conference this spring.

New Poll and poll results

A new poll has gone up over at Our new question is “Which of the upcoming conference would you most like to attend?”

  • AAG
  • ESRI Dev Summit
  • Where 2.0
  • Of course we would all like the freedom of travel to make to all of the conferences, but we are making you choose just one of these great choices.

    As for the last poll, we had 211 responses to the question: “What type of Geographer are you?” The results were as follows:

  • Physical – 15%
  • Human – 25%
  • GIScience – 37%
  • Cartographer – 22%
  • GAW Poll

    The new poll on the VerySpatial site is looking forward to Geography Awareness Week (Nov 16-22) and asks “What type of Geographer are you?”. This is in the broadest sense since we could offer dozens of options if you wanted to break Geography out to the varied foci, but we stuck with the lowest common denominators of:

  • Physical
  • Human
  • GIScience
  • Cartographer
  • As always, it is hard to narrow yourself down to just one area, but we make you do it anyway.

    As for our halloween candy poll, Chocolate came out as the winner with Candy Corn and Caramel coming in a VERY close second and third. No love for the hard candy or bubble gum though…maybe next year they can claw their way back up the charts.

    New Poll – Candy

    Our new poll will be a short run, but I feel it asks an important question…”What is your favorite Halloween themed candy?” The options are a short list of some to great options and includes: Chocolate, Caramel, Hard Candy, Candy Corn, and Bubble Gum.

    Our outgoing poll had a tie between the folks heading to SEDAAG and the Rocky Mountain/Great Plains division meetings. The surprising part was how few people responded to the question, which I interpret to mean that most of you do not attend the regional AAG meetings. This does line-up with my experience at these meetings since overall attendance is definitely not proportional to the annual AAG meeting based on the area of each division.

    New Poll, Old Poll

    We have a great new poll question suggested by Nadir from the Boston area. The question is

    Of the 5 elements of GIS (People, Data, Hardware, Software, and Processes) which do you think is the most important in successfully delivering GIS.

    If you would like to elaborate on your response, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. The old poll was the question of which OS do you prefer. The response started out pretty even, but in the end Windows XP had about 1/2 of the votes with MacOS X and Linux tied for second. Vista, unsurprisingly, came in as an “also ran” or a blip on the radar.

    Get over to the front page of VerySpatial to share your thoughts on the new poll.

    New Poll – Operating Systems

    Our question for you this time around in the polls is what desktop Operating System do you prefer to use. I am a multi-OS guy, Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 2003) at work and MacOS X at home and Ubuntu waiting to be installed on a virtual machine. But I am well aware that this is not the norm. I figure the trend will lean towards Windows since that is where the majority of GIS lives, but I am still curious how it will all fall out.

    The results of the last poll on your preferred name for user generated content (my favorite) was Social Mapping just edging out Crowd Source and User Generated content. Not terribly surprising given the pummeling it has taken online Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) received no votes, a first in our small sample of polls.

    New Poll: GI Interest

    So our new poll is mostly for the GI folks. We are curious as to where you see yourself…do you focus on GIScience, Geospatial, RS, or do you abstain from the tech related and focus on Geography in general. I know there is a lot of overlap, but that is part of the curiosity, how people define themselves. Head over to the poll on the left sidebar of to take let us know.

    New Poll: Personal Nav Unit for Frank’s dad

    So as Frank has mentioned on the podcast his father is looking at new acquiring a personal navigation device to be used both in car and on walks during a bit of leisure travel. Here are the models he has narrowed it down to:

    • Garmin Nüvi 250
    • Magellan Maestro 4250
    • Mio C230
    • Mio C520
    • TomTom GO 720

    If you have any other suggestions please send them to Frank.

    New Poll: Holiday desires

    With Black Friday only days away and the holiday gift buying season well underway for many we were wondering what you Geography thing you want for the holidays. The options we are offering up are:

  • Compass and Map – Navigate the old fashioned way or accent a room
  • A trip to… – Who doesn’t want to get away for the holidays
  • GPS – Admit it, you are a geek and you want a new toy
  • Huggable Planet – Stuffed delight that can double as a pillow
  • New Poll: Industry

    We are kind of interested in who is visiting the blog and listening to the podcast and what your day-to-day consists of. To get at this bit of info we are asking “where do you sit?” on our new poll, meaning what industry do you call your home. I know that some of you straddle the fence between 2 or more, but at the end of the day you usually feel that you sit in one group more than the others. We went fairly straight-forward with your options of:

  • Federal/State Government
  • Local Government
  • Private (aka Commercial)
  • Academia
  • Non-profit
  • Let us know which group you think you fit in.

    As for our last poll, it is clear that most folks feel they are at least giving this whole “green” thing a try, though only a few rank up there with Ed Beagley, Jr. Just a reminder to all of you who attend conferences where they give out tote bags…they make great grocery bags.