How do you want your geospatial weather data

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The National Weather Service is seeking input on its geospatial data services, and would like you to offer comments here. They recognize that “While most NWS information is geospatial in nature, the NWS does not yet systematically provide that information in GIS-ready formats.” They are looking for input on what types of weather data, geospatial […]

Breathing Earth

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Breathing Earth is a website which displays near real-time data on birth and death rates around the world on a map interface that also shows carbon emission rates. Their data is taken from UN and World Factbook figures available through Wikipedia, although not necessarily the most recent (the carbon dioxide emission rates were from 2002, […]

Smithsonian offering Advanced Course on Conservation GIS

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For those of you interested in using GIS and remote sensing in conservation-related activities, the Smithsonian National Zoological Park’s Conservation and Research Center is offering a week-long advanced GIS and remote sensing course from Sept. 11-15th at their facility in Virginia. They still have some slots left, and this would be a really good chance […]

Back to the Future!

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Yeah, it’s 80’s movie reference day around here (at least for me). Some scientists down under have decided to see if they can figure out what global warming is really doing… by creating a “climatic time machine“. The idea is to artificially induce years or even decades worth of climate change on a mini-ecosystem, in […]