Earth Hour in Sydney

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Sydney went dark this evening as a large portion of the city participated in Earth Hour, an attempt to increase global awareness about climate change. My only question is what is the local impact of all the candles used in the restaurants that participated in the event 🙂 This is an interesting idea that I […]

Ocean Beneath Asia

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Have you ever heard of Atlantis being called the land beneath the ocean? Well how about an ocean beneath the land? Apparently researchers have found a sizable blob of water beneath Asia. It’s about the size of the Arctic Ocean and the yet another lovely byproduct of plate tectonics. Apparently it also serves a critical […]

More light bulb news

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The folks down under are one upping our friends in Raleigh, NC, by moving the entire country away from the beloved, but past its prime, incandescent light bulb. They will be moving to greener options that will reduce the power requirements of the country and, they hope, set an example for the rest of the […]

Melting ice in the Arctic revealing new coastline geography in Greenland

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The New York Times has another article on the impacts of global warming, this one discusses how the melting of glacial ice is exposing new land area and changing our knowledge of the coastline geography of Greenland. This is illustrated by the example of a recently-identified island, which was thought to be part of a […]