Calling all Owls…….

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The MIT Media Lab and Maine Audobon are working on a project that uses cell phones to help study bird populations and habitat. The Owl Project researchers actually use cell phones placed within the forest to call owls, play owl sounds, and then record the responses. Following the success of a pilot project in Connecticut, […]

World’s Third Longest River Nearly Irreversibly Damaged

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The New York Times reported yesterday that the Yangtze may be so so polluted that the damage is irreversible. It’s understandable that a country wishing to quickly grow its economy might be lax on environmental issues. However, it blows my mind that the Yangtze could be “irreversibly” damaged. Even if the claim is hyperbole, it […]


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The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and the Danish Polar Centre are heading to sea to tag 10 walruses with GPS-based report systems. I am pretty sure this will not result in the popularizing of walruses as similar efforts were for penguins down south. Still a great project that could yield a wide variety of […]