Moved 10 Feet to the Left

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Wired news is reporting that modern GPS sensors have be able to determine the Chilean city of Concepcion has been moved 10 feet to the west from the recent earthquake.  Apparently this area is prime area for seismic activity due to its location over a subduction zone.  The hope by researchers is to quickly get more GPS stations on the […]

10th Anniversary of launch of NASA’s Terra satellite

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The data from NASA’s earth observation satellites are critical resources in many areas of research, and it’s important to highlight the achievements of the Earth Observation System program, a multi-national and multi-agency partnership including NASA, JPL, and JAXA. The goal of the EOS program has been to provide comprehensive data sets on Earth’s climate, land […]

British Geological Survey Maps

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The British Geological Survey, the world’s oldest national geological survey, is offering GEOSCIENCE, a free service for sharing geospatial information including maps, 3D maps, and photographs. The GEOSCENIC is really cool because it is geological photos from their archives that can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. They have a make-a-map function for […]

Ants and GPS

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The BBC has a news article and video about how GPS is being used in Northumberland to record the locations of 69 ‘hairy northern wood ant” nests in advance of a major clearing. The goal is to preserve the ant nests as the modern conifers are cleared to allow for native species to reclaim the […]

Great California ShakeOut – World’s Largest Earthquake Drill

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With the recent devastating earthquakes in the Pacific region, the Great California ShakeOut is a very timely event. On October 15th, at 10:15am local time, millions of Californians are going to be participating in the world’s largest earthquake drill. Although we are powerless to stop natural disasters like earthquakes from happening, knowing what to do […]