BBC NEWS | Menu prices track fishing impact

Not exactly spatial in the way the conducted it, but it is easy to see how it could be a significant variable in their work. The Census of Marine Life (COML) looked at over a 100 years of prices of seafood to infer impacts such as over harvesting of marine species. A great use of the historical record in an outside the box scenario. The detailed press release is available as a pdf from the COML website

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Menu prices track fishing impact

Satellite imagery shows Arctic ice melt

Whatever your beliefs on the global warming issue, the recent spate of articles on the melting of Arctic ice and the warming of the climate in Alaska seem pretty scary. Satellite imagery is being used to show that the Arctic ice cap is shrinking at an alarming rate.

You can check out the article here

Here is another at the London Times Online

Mount St Helens video

If you’re into volcanoes, the USGS is releasing a 20-minute video which gives a summary of activity at Mount St. Helens over the past year. Details of the release will be available after the news event today, which was scheduled for 10am PDT (1pm EDT)

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BBC NEWS | Ancient humans ‘altered’ climate

This is an interesting note on how we have been altering the climate for quit some time. Carl Sauer was conducting research in the early part of the last century on how prehistoric peoples in the New World have been altering the landscape by clearing large areas. This of course can be linked to altering the climate through deforestation as is mentioned here.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Ancient humans ‘altered’ climate