Wired News 3-part series on Global Warming

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Wired News just posted the first part of their 3-part series on global warming, which will consist of interviews with 3 leading authors on the topic. First up is Tim Flannery, of the University of Adelaide, who is director of the South Australian Museum. The second installment will feature environmentalist Lester R. Brown, founder of […]

“One Planet, Many People” – New Atlas using Landsat imagery

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The United Nations Environment Programme recently published One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment, using 30 years of before-and-after Landsat images for 80 sites around the world to provide “insights into the many ways people around the world have changed, and continue to change, the environment.” It is hardcover, and looks really nice, […]

Pleistocene Park

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A project is underway in Russia to return a portion of Siberia to the landscape and ecosystem that existed 10,000 years ago during the late Pleistocene. The initiative is led by Russian biologist Sergei Zimov, and is aptly dubbed “Pleistocene Park” Already 20 square kilometers have been fenced off, and Yakutian horses, reindeer, and moose […]

Alaskan Volcano webcam

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The Alaska Volcano Observatory website has a webcam located on Augustine Island in Alaska, monitoring Augustine Volcano, which had a small ash eruption yesterday and continues to show signs of unrest. The images are updated every 30 minutes, and show a pretty good image of the ash plume and several small lahars (volcanic mudflows). The […]

GPS for Tsunami Warnings

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Wired News has an interesting article about the use of GPS as an aid in tsunami warnings. Researchers have suggested at least 2 ways in which GPS might give warning information: 1) GPS receivers can measure ground movement in real time, and they could also be used to measure tsunami-associated pressure waves in the Earth’s […]