Amazon GIS

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I haven’t highlighted a really good GIS project in awhile, so I thought I’d mention the Amazon GIS project, run by the Smithsonian Institution and other collaborators. They have spent years mapping the Amazon’s resources and have a number of Internet map services in conjunction with ESRI, World Wildlife Fund, the USGS, and Conservation International […]

CloudSat and Calipso satellites successfully launched

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I didn’t get a chance to blog this earlier because of our slow internet connection in San Juan, but NASA’s 2 new cloud monitoring satellites, CloudSat and Calipso, were successfully launched Friday morning after some difficulties they delayed their originial launch date. What’s cool about these satellites is that they are carrying instruments that can […]

California Car Culture Could Heighten Earthquake Woes

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Sorry for the excessive alliteration there, but it sums up this article quite nicely, I think. It appears that the infrastructure that surrounds car ownership does more than generate excessive amounts of smog. Carports, garages, overpasses and the like could pose a significant risk to California residents should a massive earthquake like San Francisco’s 1906 […]

USGS releasing Google Earth Virtual Tour of 1906 San FranciscoEarthquake

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According to a USGS press release from yesterday, a Google Earth-based virtual tour of the devastating 1902 San Francisco will be announced during a press conference which was scheduled to start at 10am. The feed from the news conference was supposed to stream live from the USGS website, but I was finally able to connect […]