Arny and Tony go green

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Apparently Tony Blair and Arnold Schwarzenegger met in California recently. The outcome was: A “mission statement” [that] said the two would, among other things, “share experiences” and “find new solutions”. Apparently the govenenor has placed the environment high on his agenda. If Arny were eligible for the presidency I might think he was beginning his […]

CyberTracker, animal tracking for everyone

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Listener Jody pointed out a great project that was highlighted on last weeks Living on Earth. CyberTracker allows anyone to capture information, including location, about animal movements. The software uses an interface that can be used by anyone from non-literate bushman to wildlife agents on a simple mobile hardware platform. The software is freely downloadable […]

MesoStor – Online GIS data delivery system for Central America

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I was going through my Caribbean GIS listserv alerts, and I noticed one about MesoStor, a project to make GIS data about Mesoamerica available online. MesoStor is part of SERVIR, “a regional visualization and monitoring system for Mesoamerica that integrates satellite and other geospatial data for improved scientific knowledge and decision making by managers, researchers, […]


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The BBC is working with others to predict climate change and they want your help! The climate prediction tool runs within the BOINC environment just like SETI@home and others. This software takes advantage of free CPU cycles on client machines to crunch numbers for large data sets…isn’t distributed computing grand. If you have time head […]