GITA’s Location for Education – a great program for teachers

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I was glancing through my issue of GITA’s Conference News that came today and I noticed a little writeup about the expansion of GITA’s “Location for Education” program, which allows middle and high school teachers to include GPS and location based exercises in their classes. Kits are available for 2-week periods, and include 12 GPS […]

Tokyo Ubiquitous Network Project

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Starting next month, stores in the Ginza district in Tokyo will be beaming coupons, special notices, and other information to shoppers and passers-by through the use of RFID tags and wireless transmitters. The initiative, called the Tokyo Ubiquitous Network Project, will allow shoppers to rent a prototype reader or get messages on their own cell […]

National Geographic’s Digital Places Special News Series

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If you haven’t read them already, you should definitely check out the articles in National Geographic’s Digital Places Special News Series. They cover topics relating to Second Life, to mobile gaming, privacy issues, GeoRSS, and next week, using Google Earth to monitor environmental damage. I think the articles offer a nice introduction to some of […]

Location based police

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Listener Eric pointed out a news item that discusses how police in the Dutch city of Groningen will be testing a handheld-based computer system which will allow them to access information specific to the areas they are patroling. The article also seems to say that information can be pushed out the systems and that they […]

Mapping the Earth in Near Real-Time

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One of the projects Microsoft researchers are working on is called SenseWeb, and Technology Review has a nice article that gives an overview of SenseWeb which, when incorporated into Windows Live Local, will allow searching for real-time location-based information, such as local restaurant specials or even gas prices. Local search and LBS will continue to […]