amAze mobile service will offer high-res imagery

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LocatioNet Systems, a UK-based mobile mapping and LBS company, announced a partnership with DigitalGlobe to provide high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery for their amAze mobile mapping application (yes that is how it is spelled), which was launched a few weeks ago. The idea is to combine mobile maps and GPS navigation with the same real-time […]

Mscape – HP Labs tries some LBS

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This project probably has already had some coverage, but I just found out about it, and thought it was worth mentioning. Basically, the mscape project is an initiative from HP Labs to explore location-based services from a social media angle, by creating a set of tools that allow users to create, access, and explore mediascapes, […]

Vodafone and Google partner for mobile mapping

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Yet another move to expand web mapping into the mobile and location based services markets, as Google and Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile phone network operator, just announced a partnership to develop maps and local content for mobile phones for its Vodafone Live! services. The companies are also developing a service that will provide some […]

GIS for your BlackBerry

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I ran across a press release today for TDC Group’s Freeance Mobile, a suite of web mapping and database applications that promises to bring GIS to your BlackBerry. Freeance Mobile consists of 3 BlackBerry applications: MapViewer, GPS Collector, and Search, that combine with database capabilities to allow users to perform GIS tasks in the field. […]