iPhone, meet Skyhook

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So apparently, my lack of voraciousness as a Mac fanboy made me almost miss the fact that Apple is working with Skyhook Wireless to capture location on the iPhone…oh and that Google company too. This is great. And definitely a step-up for the technology. Since I am a iPod Touch user, not an iPhone, hopefully […]

SPOT communicator

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Crunch Gear offers up the next LBS device. The SPOT Communicator is a GPS unit that can send your current position via satellite. The press release shows that the target market is the outdoor enthusiast and field workers who are often outside of cell range. Battery life is pretty good given the lack of screen, […]

The Whereabouts Clock

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Microsoft Research Cambridge has come up with a new device that is reminiscent of the Weasley’s family’s clock in the Harry Potter books – dubbed the Whereabouts Clock – which lets you see whether family members are at home, work, or school. What makes it science and not magic, though, is that the device uses […]

Calling all Owls…….

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The MIT Media Lab and Maine Audobon are working on a project that uses cell phones to help study bird populations and habitat. The Owl Project researchers actually use cell phones placed within the forest to call owls, play owl sounds, and then record the responses. Following the success of a pilot project in Connecticut, […]