Nokia trying to take over world

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I probably owe Glenn a buck for covering a Nokia topic (I’ll get it to you in San Diego) but I am giddy about some of the steps Nokia has taken in the OS, services and data areas. The data, of course, is their acquisition of Navteq which is awaiting the final go ahead from […]

Mobile location apps are poised

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Information has begun to roll out about the companies that have received support from the iPhone venture capital funding announced back in January…all two of them so far. Whrrl, a project from Pelago, is one of the first funded via the iPhone VC and is a location based social mapping site that focuses on rating […]

Collaborative Landmark Directory

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I noticed OpenLandmark when I was looking at the mobile apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It is a beta site that is creating a directory of landmarks, currently focusing on a few cities, which are mostly major tourist destinations. It is similar to a few other projects out there, except that it seems to be […]

Mixed Reality gaming in Japan

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One of the areas of convergence for location-based applications and gaming is the idea of mixed reality, where places in the game correspond to real-world locations, and actions in one lead to events or consequences in the other. Treasure Quest: Enoshima – Treasure of the Dragon, is a mixed-reality game for Nintendo DS users that […]

Garmin’s New York nuvifone announcement

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Wednesday evening Garmin apparently surprised a press event with their announcement of the nuvifone, the company’s first foray into the mobile phone market. The Garmin Blog has an amusing post about the event. The nuvifone itself is supposed to be available sometime in the third quarter of the year, according to the nuvifone webpage The […]