Using location technology to study asthma triggers

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If you suffer from any kind of allergy or serious respiratory problem like asthma, you know that there are many environmental factors that can trigger these conditions, and they vary from place to place. David Sickle, from the Department of Population Health Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is looking to utilize GPS technology to […]

Location on your phone?

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Sue and Frank gave e gruff on this week’s episode about the volume of location apps I have (or at least had) on my phone, so i decided to share the current list and ask others what location apps they are running. I have reduced the number of apps substantially. At one time I had […]

Geode starts the conversation

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I have to say that Mozilla Labs Geode has kicked up some good questions over on the Geowanking listserv. The most important, I think, is the discussion on the W3C geolocation standard and the fact that it is meant to be an API for grabbing device location information, not for storing. This means that the […]