World’s First GLONASS Smartphone

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In a world where GPS enabled smartphones are as passe as intermittent wipers on cars and coffee makers with clocks in them, it’s neat to read some exciting new location based technology news. It’s inevitable that phones would begin to launch with alternative location infrastructures than GPS, but I have to say I’m slightly shocked […]

Urbagrams – Mapping the social city

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In order to investigate the idea of a social archipelago, the notion that our cities are “fragmented islands of social activity separated by large areas dedicated to commercial workplaces, flows of vehicles, residential sprawl or industrial sites.” Anil Bawa Cavia analyzed more than a million Foursquare check-ins in a number of cities and mapped those […]

Facebook Discovers Places Exist

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Alright, I admit I stretched a bit for that headline.  However, the important bit is that Facebook has now added Places to it’s features.  Places allow you to tag where you’re at when you post status updates.  On the benign side of the coin (that’s the Harvey Dent one for you DC nerds reading), this […]

ArcGIS for iOS available

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It seems that ESRI has made its way through the dreaded App Store approval process and ArcGIS for iOS is now available for both iPhone and iPad via the App Store. It is pretty much what we have been expecting based on the Dev Summit, Where 2.0 and other demos, but I have to say, […]

Internet Operating System?

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A couple of days ago, Tim O’Reilly published an interesting piece entitled “The State of the Internet Operating System” I’m not going to say a whole lot about it, other than to say it touched on a lot of areas.  He talked about mobile, location based services, platform integration, abstractions, and a bunch of other […]


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There is another GIS app in the US iTunes store. iGGIS is a an app for the Netherlands that seems to be a GIS without a map, using your location to grab local textual information. Translated from iTunes: Do you find it so difficult to find information about a town? iGGIS is a smartphone application […]