The Lightsquared Saga Continues

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Lightsquared is not prepared to go gently into the night.  They have hired Theodore Olson (among others) to help argue their case.  Olson is most famous for having successfully argued for Bush in the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court case that settled the 2000 US Presidential election.  In other words, Lightsquared brought out the big guns.  Olson argues that […]

Lightsquared Pretty Much Out Of The Fight

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Lightsquared, who last month received a conditional waiver from the FCC on its products, looks like it might be in trouble as the FCC has withdrawn that waiver.  Obviously the FCC acted in response to concerns over GPS interference.  This officially ‘kills’ Lightsquared’s proposed solution to rolling out a 4G-LTE network over the spectrum it owns, baring […]

Warrantless GPS tracking unconstitutional

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Based on a syllabus from the Supreme Court released on January 23, the use of GPS tracking outside of a warrant is a breach of the Fourth Amendment. As stated in the syllabus: the Government’s physical intrusion on an “effect” for the purpose of obtaining information constitutes a “search.” There seem to be quite a […]

Lego and Augmented Reality

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I’m going to cop to this not being an overtly geographic post… but it’s Lego. And augmented reality. If I may indulge to my inner child for a moment… SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! In all seriousness, it’s a pretty need implementation of augmented reality in that it doesn’t require any special printing on the box. They simply take […]

Emergency Location to the Centimeter

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It makes sense that emergency response can be quicker and more efficient if they know exactly where to go. GPS is ok, but being off even 10m can be too much. Australia’s Ergon Energy has teamed with Nokia and Samsung to create a system that’s cheap and versatile enough to find callers down to the […]