Enduring voices

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Sue came across another great National Geographic project for this week’s web corner called Enduring Voices. The project seeks to document those languages that are disappearing through disuse or death of a culture. They estimate that we lose a language about every 14 days! From the project website: Under the National Geographic Society’s Enduring Voices […]

Cops Can’t Track Car with GPS Without Warrent

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation had an interesting piece about two weeks ago that I just ran across.  The Supreme Court of Massachusetts recently ruled that it is against their state constitution for the police to track a vehicle using GPS without court approval.  The interesting thing here is that the crux of their rationale is that the […]

Want more jobs in the US? Get rural broadband

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Here’s an interesting bit of geographic news from the USDA – rural counties with broadband tend to have more jobs and those jobs are better paying.  Another fascinating finding is that households above the same income level tend to have broadband.  Rural-urban differences become non-existant above a certain level.  There are also some regional differences, […]