Visualizing World Population

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The Hive Group created this cool visualization of population facts for the world’s countries using 2004 CIA Factbook data. In addition to representing countries in a tree structure that can be organized by continent, area, population or density, there are also slider filters that let you zoom up and down the tree structure. Definitely worth […]

California Car Culture Could Heighten Earthquake Woes

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Sorry for the excessive alliteration there, but it sums up this article quite nicely, I think. It appears that the infrastructure that surrounds car ownership does more than generate excessive amounts of smog. Carports, garages, overpasses and the like could pose a significant risk to California residents should a massive earthquake like San Francisco’s 1906 […]

Gospel of Judas Found

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This is rather off the beat and path from our normal news, but I thought it was interesting given the National Geographic Society’s involvement. Apparently a National Geographic Society expedition has discovered a leather wrapped papyrus manuscript written in Greek in Egypt. This manuscript featuring what is believed to be the gospel according to Judas […]

Comparing ancient landscapes and communities

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A recent article on the National Geographic News page discusses the research done by Robert Drennon and Christian Peterson from the University of Pittsburgh comparing 3 ancient chiefdoms in a number of ways, including mapping the housing patterns and other aspects of the landscape. Their results, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of […]