SPOT communicator

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Crunch Gear offers up the next LBS device. The SPOT Communicator is a GPS unit that can send your current position via satellite. The press release shows that the target market is the outdoor enthusiast and field workers who are often outside of cell range. Battery life is pretty good given the lack of screen, […]

You know you want one

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So, the next multitouch to market is Jeff Hann’s wall (first shown at the Ted conference a couple of years ago). I am not sure that at $100,000 it is for most in the geospatial industry, especially since the TouchTable has been around for a couple of years. After playing with the iPod Touch I […]

Zonbu: Green computing and you

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I came across Zonbu on a couple of tech blogs today and was curious about the many claims…inexpensive, green, silent, data service. After wandering the website it actually looks promising for folks who have minimal computing needs. It runs on a Linux variant and is preinstalled with your standard software: Firefox, OpenOffice, IM, Skype, but […]