Virtual Worlds 2007

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I was catching up on my metaverse news this morning, and realized I missed the announcements about Virtual Worlds 2007, a conference about the future of Virtual Worlds in a number of areas, including entertainment and marketing. Now, opinions may be divided about Virtual Worlds like Second Life, but if you look at the speakers […]

PacketGarden – use your web surfing to grow your own virtual world

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PacketGarden is a cool application (still in beta) that grows your own virtual world based on your internet activity. PacketGarden uses information about your internet use to generate this private world by taking note of the servers you visit and their geographic location, and how you interact with these sites. For example, uploads generate hills […]

Politicians in Second Life

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Along with a new Congress, the Democrats are moving into a new venue – Second Life. George Miller (D-Calif) appeared in Second life to give a virtual question and answer session. It’s an interesting development, as it may be another way in which people can viably interact with their government. More people, government interaction is […]