ERDAS Imagine 9.3 Webinar

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I try not to talk about our adverts in posts, but the most recent ERDAS ad is for an upcoming webinar titled ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3…IMAGINE What’s Next! (Webinar) which grabbed my interest. The teaser blurb on the registration page talks about better vector support and, what I have been hankering for, OGC web service access. […]

Remote Sensing at ESRI UC

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The latest mass email from ESRI regarding the International User Conference had a small blurb on a new Remote Sensing GIS Summit that has been added to the event on Sunday August 3 from 8:30 to 5:30. The preliminary agenda includes keynote and case study presentations as well as the expected technical presentations. If you […]

INFOMAR – Mapping Ireland’s Seabed

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Just as countries are spending increasing amounts of money and resources to map their territories using high-resolution technologies such as LIDAR, some, like Ireland, are devoting significant effort to map their undersea territory (and potential resources) as well. Beginning in 2006, the INFOMAR (INtegrated Mapping FOr the Sustainable Development of Ireland’s MArine Resource) project has […]

New EROS director

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February has definitely been a month for me to play catch-up. I just came across an article from early Feb in the Argus Leader about the new EROS director Eric Clemmons. Apparently he is moving to South Dakota from a position at NOAA where he was involved in their remote sensing group. With Landsat 8 […]