10th Anniversary of launch of NASA’s Terra satellite

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The data from NASA’s earth observation satellites are critical resources in many areas of research, and it’s important to highlight the achievements of the Earth Observation System program, a multi-national and multi-agency partnership including NASA, JPL, and JAXA. The goal of the EOS program has been to provide comprehensive data sets on Earth’s climate, land […]

Cops Can’t Track Car with GPS Without Warrent

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation had an interesting piece about two weeks ago that I just ran across.  The Supreme Court of Massachusetts recently ruled that it is against their state constitution for the police to track a vehicle using GPS without court approval.  The interesting thing here is that the crux of their rationale is that the […]

Associations/Groups – Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society

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The RSPSoc – Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society is a UK-based academic association that looks at the application to education, science, research, industry, commerce and the public service of RS and aerial imagery. The RSPSoc maintains a significant number of activities and publications. The upcoming RSPSoc 2009 conference will be taking place in Leicester on […]

Sub-glacial antarctic mountains mapped

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BBC news has an interesting article on the mapping of the Gamburtsevs which lie under the ice in Antarctica. The article describes the use of radar, magnetic, and sonic/seismic remote sensing methods by a group of scientists, engineers, pilots and support staff from the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, China and Japan. Definitely an interesting […]

CrunchGear talks Lidar

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The CrunchGear blog has a post regarding Boston College’s use of Lidar for mapping rivers and streams for fish repopulation. Nothing ground breaking technologically but it was interesting to see a mainstream tech blog talking about what we consider a mainstream technology. Scientists map streams and rivers with lasers, make delightful poached trout .